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We at QLK are continually fascinated by the
people we meet in the healthcare world. There
is never a shortage of amazing stories.
Denny Sanford truly is one of the most
fascinating leaders we’ve come across. Already
a legend in the business world, his gift to his
local community’s health system made him
the country’s largest single benefactor to a
health organization. Despite the economy,
his commitment to improving healthcare has
never wavered. We know thousands of hospital
trustees and community leaders, but there is
only one Denny Sanford.
The beginning of 2010 finds executive searches
for hospital CEO’s and executive leadership
accelerating at a record pace. The dam has truly
broken! QLK is proud to be working with the
most prestigious organizations as they redefine
their leadership teams.
As we travel across the country, it’s been hard to
find any place warm or dry. But spring is almost
here - it’s a season that always seems to bring
hope and new beginnings.
Especially if you have a Denny Sanford on your side.
All the best,
Roger and Mike
For Denny Sanford, it was a chance
to make a real difference.
So when Kelby Krabbenhoft, the
CEO of the then Sioux Valley
Hospitals & Health System,
asked him for a record-setting
$400 million donation, he got
out his checkbook.
Well, first he joked about the thin
air in Colorado causing him not to
think clearly, but then he turned
serious. “I’ve lived in Sioux Valley
for 24 years now and I’ve gotten to
know the organization,” Sanford
said. “I believe I picked a winner.”
Sanford had been drawn to health
care, in particular children’s health,
ever since losing his parents at a
very young age - his mom died
when he was four years old and his
father died when he was 21 years
old. “Children don’t have a voice
and I want them to have one,”
Sanford said.
His goal? To cure Type 1 Diabetes
in 10 years. It doesn’t hurt to have
Michelle Obama championing a
similar cause - childhood obesity.
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