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By QLK Team
on May 5, 2021
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Why Leadership Matters Post-Covid More Than Ever Before

Adjusting to this pandemic-based lifestyle meant an abundance of behavioral and priority changes across all sectors of society. For instance, people find themselves more focused on their mental and physical well-being. Plus, as a matter of safety (with the added benefit of convenience), everything has seemed to move toward a digital framework.

Furthermore, the economy was placed in unprecedented waters, not knowing what was to come from the pandemic or long it would persist.

But now, at the year-mark of shutdowns, everything seems a little more clear. Or business leaders seem to understand the constant state of flux the world appears to be stuck in--top-performing executives seem ready to pivot at a moment's notice.

The fact is, many business leaders appear to have gathered their footing in the new norm. Supporting this hypothesis is, from a survey of 5,050 executives, the 76% of CEOs saying global economic growth will improve in 2021.

Why is it so critical that these business leaders forge this path to success in a post-COVID world? More importantly, what do the related responsibilities entail? This blog will examine both of those questions:

Embracing the New Ways of the World

The introduction cited a survey and report done by PwC. Beyond the percentages, it discusses how the pandemic has had a two-pronged impact. First, COVID has proven to be a transformation accelerator. And it's also been a significant disruptor in many spaces.

On a larger macro scale, cybersecurity and climate change have impacted business growth.

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) have also proven significant priorities in the new normal. Without a focus on these facets, organizations will struggle. And changes in the D&I sphere can only come from up top at the executive level. These decision-makers are the ones who hold the cards and must lead from the front.

Delving Further Into Diversity and Inclusion in the New Normal

Society's inequalities are gaping. Whether to do with gender, race, disabilities, or sexuality, it's critical to view this issue from an intersectional lens.

Upon mulling over the above insights, it's worth noting how COVID has given many industries (healthcare included) a chance to reassess and reevaluate their approach to D&I. Ideally, they've gone over the ideas discussed below:

First, one can be prudent and look at this intersectional approach and apply it directly to the bottom line.

Even with the most cold-hard economical viewpoint, D&I has its advantages. A more diverse workplace fosters an environment with unique perspectives that drive innovation. Making products and websites more accessible and appealing to more people means revenue growth and market penetration.

What's most important is understanding the social responsibilities business leaders have. Executives control the shape and form of the economy, and they set the employment trends. Moreover, they decide who products and services are made for.

These leaders hold the keys to the D&I castle. Therefore, it's on them to create the many opportunities to increase equity as possible.

Business Leaders Have Proven They Can Pivot

In meeting the pandemic's demands, business leaders proved how adept and agile they can be when it's time to pivot.

Once the remote work shift was imminent, it happened in an instant. Leaders spearheaded these monumental initiatives, helping people keep their jobs and being there for customers who needed their products or services.

Such an accomplishment only highlighted how a similarly impressive pivot can be implemented with D&I initiatives. There's no hiding from the fact that leaders can accomplish what they set their minds to. Now, it's time to use that power for something that will have a permanent positive impact.

Healthcare executives need to understand their role in diversity and inclusion. Ensure you're hiring talent that grasps these big-picture responsibilities and knows the benefit it will have socially and economically. And know that you can find those high-level candidates at QLK. Contact us today to find out more.