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By QLK Team
on May 24, 2022
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Recruiting Strategies and Tips for Medical Device Professionals

The medical world needs constantly updated technology and tools to ensure that healthcare facilities handle any patient conditions that might arise. The companies responsible for developing and manufacturing such devices are therefore expected to maintain qualified staff to ensure continued production. Unfortunately, this leaves the companies in a precarious situation due to the burden of finding professionals suitable to fill their open positions.

It has become harder and harder for medical device producers to successfully hire new staff due to the complicated nature of the industry. This means that companies need to begin adapting to the times to ensure their team is the best out there.

Self-Destructive Cost-Effectiveness

The greatest weakness medical device producers face when hiring new staff is the desire to cut costs as they do so. The production of medical devices is a costly endeavor because the manufacturing process involves a great deal of testing consuming parts before a functional model is successfully produced. This means that the companies want to save, as often as possible, on other aspects to divert their full financial force towards developing devices.

However, by cutting costs for human resources, the ability to hire new and qualified employees becomes more limited. Due to the lack of funds, human resources divisions might be forced to take on less qualified talent than what the company needs. Prioritizing cost-effectiveness is not necessarily a bad thing. Still, it should not be done at the cost of short-changing your other divisions and rendering them less capable of doing their jobs. After all, half of the keyword is "effectiveness."

Forming Relationships

Another major issue seen with recruitment for medical device producers is the lack of relationships between the human resources recruiters and the people looking to get the job. When a recruiter is focused solely on the quantity of the recruits being sought for the lowest cost, rather than actively communicating with and getting to know the recruit, less qualified employees tend to be the result.

When seeking qualified professionals for the manufacture of medical devices, you should always make connections with the recruit to see if they are best suited to the role you are trying to fill. This can help boost retention rates and employee productivity.

External Recruiters Are Not the Enemy

All too often, internal recruiters view external recruitment agencies as competition rather than contracted assistance. This makes finding the best candidate for the job a more challenging endeavor. Internal recruiters who view external agencies as the enemy might disregard candidates who are excellent choices or accept one-sided contracts that cost the company in the long run. If your hunt for qualified talent in the field is proving to be more of a challenge than expected, making use of external agencies can shorten the search.

The best thing to do is to put faith in any external agencies you use and to promote cooperation between your internal recruiters and the external agency rather than allow it to become a competition. In fact, in many cases hiring new talent from outside rather than simply allowing internal promotion is more effective in the long run.

Wrapping Up

Finding qualified talent to produce medical devices will never be simple, especially given the cost of production for such devices. Funding a search can be a costly process when relying solely on your internal recruitment process. Allowing for aid from a recruiter agency allows your search to be shortened and will cost your company less in the long run.

If you are having difficulty finding and hiring the talent you need, consider contacting us at QLK. We focus on finding qualified technology leadership professionals and putting them in the positions where they are needed most.