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By QLK Team
on Feb 19, 2019
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Why You Want to Partner with Industry Experts for your Talent Search

The healthcare industry is facing a lot of challenges in the coming years. Changing government requirements and mandates, patient-centered care, utilizing big data to reduce costs, and rising pharmaceutical costs are just a glimpse of the obstacles healthcare leaders will need to tackle. Then of course there is the burden of recruiting and retaining talent in the midst of a talent shortage.

Naturally, many healthcare organizations lessen the load on their plates by outsourcing their talent acquisition efforts with an executive search firm. With so many options on the market, how should healthcare organizations choose which firm to trust with their talent search?

By finding one that understands the problems of their industry.

Build Immediate Trust

As with any business partnership, you want to be able to trust the executive search firm you select—trust that their search is thorough, that they understand precisely the type of dynamic leader your organization needs to succeed, and the idiosyncrasies of working in the healthcare field.

When you choose a firm that is hyper-focused in recruiting for your industry, you're able to establish that trust quickly. They know the lingo of your industry, which adds a layer of comfort to all of your communication. Best yet, they know how to communicate your needs to the talented candidates you're hoping to woo towards joining your organization.

Understanding Your Challenges

A search firm that specializes in healthcare understands the challenges your organization faces. Unlike most executive search firms which split their time up recruiting for a broad range of industries, specialized firms spend all of their time talking and meeting with healthcare professionals. Through osmosis, these specialized recruiters learn a tremendous amount about your industry.

When your executive search partner understands the challenges of your industry, you spend far less time educating them and more time working towards finding solutions for your problems. Dedicated healthcare recruiters have conducted successful searches for healthcare organizations similar to yours, better positioning them to quickly and succinctly solve your problems.

A Deeper and More Talented Candidate Network

For many of the reasons why it's beneficial for healthcare organizations to work with an executive search firm that specializes on healthcare, the same is true for healthcare professionals. In today's tight-talent market, candidates are inundated with outreach from recruiters and hiring managers gauging their interest in new opportunities. These candidates are far more responsive and trusting when they know that the recruiters understand the precise industry they're in.

Recruiters that have a clear knowledge of the various succession planning verticals within healthcare and work environments quickly gain the respect and trust of candidates. For healthcare organizations, that leads to being able to draw candidates from a deeper well of talent, vastly improving your odds of capturing the perfect candidate to join your team.

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